Travelogue: Portland, at last

Yes. I made it! With Rosie back in action, after zipping through the skinny of Idaho and the barren nothingness that is the southeastern corner of Washington, last night I made to eastern Oregon. Just on the border, on the Columbia River, I stayed in the worst motel I've ever been in, in probably the creepiest decrepit little town I've ever seen: Umatilla, But at least I made it to the right state.

This morning I made the final leg of my journey, along the river to Portland. The land started out looking like desert, and then all of a sudden, as if the backdrop of a movie set, Mt. Hood appeared in black and white towering over all the yellow. Mountains kind of scare me. (I blame that on "Into Thin Air" by Jon Krakauer, which I highly recommend;) 

Soon, everywhere was green and piney, and it began to rain. How shocking.

Upon arrival I stopped at a diner and scarfed down pancakes and eggs like a madwoman (took me literally 10mins) and then went to a friend's apartment, where I showered for the first time since Tuesday. 

Now, feeling cozy and warm, I plan to sleep for a week (and also find an apartment), and eagerly await the beginning of school in 3 weeks.

In conclusion: 

Final airstream trailer count: 14 (they are usually headed east in case you were wondering) (probably less than 1% of all the RVs I saw. In case you were wondering;)

Bird sightings: Literally hundreds of Pelicans on the Columbia. (I shout for joy when I see interesting animals. It's a thing. Especially Pelicans.)

And let's not forget to mention what I call the highway birds that are always everywhere: the crow, raven, turkey vulture, starling, and my favorite -- the swallow. These daredevils don't always win, but their acrobatics are phenomenal.