Travelogue: Moorhead, MN

Made it to Moorhead, MN last night. That's the town right across from Fargo, ND, a charming town if I've ever seen one. 

On my drive up I saw 2 white herons, one bald eagle, and a never ending tide of highway flora. 

There is just something about the Midwest that clutches at my heart; the sky so big you can see its curve; the clouds in the distance so still it looks like they are painted on; the soy and corn fields- literally a sea of green, shimmering in the sun and wind. 

It brings up many questions about how big ag hides behind such beauty, but also reminds me that this is Prairie Land, and this is where I'm from - the place where rolling hills of wildflowers, rivers, and big old trees abound. 

Next stop: Buffalo country where I'm told to watch out for rattle snakes and oil (meaning fracking) workers.